Expiring Visitor Badge Labels (1,000 count)
Expiring Visitor Badge Labels (1,000 count)
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Expiring Visitor Badge Labels (1,000 count)

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These time-expiring self-adhesive visitor badges change color over time to prevent reuse -- there is no need to collect badges at the end of a visit because you do not need to worry about visitors reusing their badges. These visitor badges print effortlessly through the Receptionist Hardware visitor badge printer.
  • Actual Size: 3.9375" x 2.4375"
  • 1,000 count visitor badges (4 rolls x 250 per roll) plus one reusable roll cartridge

How expiring visitor badges work:

  • The entire badge shows 'VOID' in red characters overnight to prevent reuse
  • Self-adhesive badges adhere directly to clothing
  • Roll is perforated between badges for easy separation
  • Excellent print results using Brother brand thermal printers
  • The color-changing process begins when the white front piece is applied to the 'Void' back piece